2019 Rates and Payment

Standard fee billed by the 45-50 minute session: $165.00

Discounts are available for:

• Double sessions (90 minutes): $300.00

•  Bundle of 10 sessions**:  $1500.00

**Must be used within 6 months of purchase and are non-refundable. 

•  Additional fees will be charged for phone consultations and/or client requested letters/forms. 

Fees are due at the time of each session.

Accepted payments: Cash • Check • PayPal • Venmo (you may use your credit cards with the Venmo and PayPal apps)

I work with many international insurance companies for study abroad. In the US, I am a network provider with Anthem/Blue Cross. Contact your insurance company to confirm the amount of your co-pay or, if your company is other than Anthem/Blue Cross, to determine if they pay out-of-network providers.

When it comes to identifying/setting goals, treatment length and frequency of sessions, we will work collaboratively to allow you to remain empowered in our shared effort to address your needs and goals in the most suitable manner. I look forward to working with you.