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Eric Maisel says it best:

“Late in life, shouldn’t Renoir and Monet have finally felt secure as artists? But neither did. Shouldn’t artists, having toiled for years, having played a thousand concerts or sculpted an army of torsos, assume that they are equal to their next engagement? But, keenly aware of their limitations, artists often remain insecure even as their list of successes grows lengthy. It is sad that enduring insecurity should rob artists of the joy they might feel, having put in a lifetime of honest effort.”

Explore the wisdom of an artist’s insecurity. It can be a portal into a meaningful journey of self-discovery, acceptance, and celebration.

If you are experiencing insecurity, self-doubt, depression, anxiety, or avoidance disguised as lack of focus in your own creative process, consider scheduling an appointment to start the journey in a quiet and confidential setting to explore your inner world, remove blocks to your creative expression, and give yourself permission to release the energy available to thrive in your chosen medium/media. Nurturing your creative embers can be empowering – even life-changing. As an artist, I am very familiar with the phenomenon of insecurity, the constant process of nurturing creative pursuits, and putting one foot in front of the other to bring my art into the marketplace. I’ve worked with visual artists, writers, cinematographers, screenwriters, and poets to facilitate their unique journeys to discover the roots of fears and blocks, the self-imposed obstacles that kept them from pursuing their hearts’ desires, and freeing up creative energy to thrive as artists. I’ve had the pleasure of celebrating their successes along the way.

We will work in a collaborative fashion, and navigate your exploration with a blend of talking, visualization, homework, and affirmations to bring greater focus and mindfulness to your own unique creative process.

Look for groups for The Artist’s Way, journaling, and meditation on the schedule as well.

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