The journey toward a conscious life, deeper meaning, greater self-understanding calls for the ability to create quiet space to allow the mind to settle, to be in touch with one’s inner space, to be in touch with what a wise soul I know once referred to as The Big Everything.

Meditation provides the path inward to separate from external noise and activity; being rather than doing. Initially, we may become aware of the constant mind chatter which can be distracting if not discouraging. But with practice and patience, the space within quiets and the awareness begins to find its way back to that quiet when it becomes distracted by the bubbling mind chatter. In fact, the more important aspect of the practice of meditation is the very act of bringing the awareness back to center, gently and without judgement or criticism, back to simply riding the breath.

Please feel free to download the audio files here to develop your own meditation practice or to be guided through a deep relaxation process, each a component of self-care.

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Introduction to Meditation (©leslieellenray2019)
Deep Relaxation Body Scan (©leslieellenray2019)