Are you accepting new clients?

New clients are welcome for both in-office and Tele-Wellness sessions. Please email or call to check on availability for an initial session to get started.

How do I schedule an appointment?

If appointments are available, I schedule Tuesday through Thursday and Saturday with Friday as a spill-over day. Tele-Wellness sessions provide additional flexibility. Day and evening hours are available for your convenience. Schedule an appointment directly via email or call.

What is Tele-Wellness?

Tele-Wellness is the use of telecommunications technologies to support long-distance wellness. From time to time, schedules and circumstances create hiccups in making it to an in-office appointment and with advance notice, we can shift the session to a Tele-Wellness meeting. This option also works well with anyone in the state of California and with international clients, both university students abroad in remote places where access to an English-speaking therapist is limited or non-existent as well as Anglophones abroad who are interested in working in English.

We will use a platform that provides secure, cloud-based engagement solutions to conduct sessions online. HIPAA compliant video conferencing solutions make working remotely possible.

Is it possible to speak to you before the first session?

Absolutely! I prefer that we speak briefly before we meet the first time. It gives both of us a starting point and the chance for questions and any housekeeping details that you might have before beginning.

How do you handle confidentiality?

Your sessions and all communication with me are confidential with a few exceptions outlined in the intake materials you’ll be completing before our first meeting. I’ll review the details about how I handle confidentiality during our first session and you’ll receive a copy of the intake for review and reference.

Don’t hesitate to let me know if you have additional questions before you schedule an appointment.